Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette | Review

Let me tell you something about this little palette right here…she. is. EVERYTHING!

The Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills is probably one of THE most used and most talked about palettes on the market. The pigmentation is everything and the shadows blend like a dream. It’s also one of the more wearable palettes out there for the average consumer.

This palette is available at Ulta and Sephora and retails for $42.  With 14 shades (12 matte, 1 satin, and 1 metallic) ranging from neutral to berry tones, I would say this palette is definitely worth the price whether you’re a makeup hoarder like me, or just someone looking for that one good go-to palette that you can wear on a daily basis but still spice it up when you need to.

I, myself, came up with two different looks that you can create using this palette and both can be modified using any of the colors in the palette but these are just a few I came up with. The first one is an all matte pink look which can  be found here. The second one is a bit more dramatic, it’s something I would probably wear on a random Tuesday but for most its more of a night out glam kind of thing which can be found here (coming friday).

Overall, this palette is amazing which is a general consensus, it seems, and I HIGHLY recommend especially if you’ve had your eye on it for a while.

have you tried this palette yet? what are your thoughts?

stay true,


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